March 26

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Why AI Is A Game Changer For Window Businesses Wanting A Competitive Advantage

Research has shown that 80% of customers will go with the first business that responds to their inquiry. Said another way being first to respond can win you a lot more sales without any more effort.

What This Means for Your Window Business

Right now you’re likely losing sales to competitors quicker to qualify new leads than you. It’s the way it goes when you’re relying on sales people or yourself to do this.

AI on the other hand books appointments 24/7 all around the clock. Clients wake up to new sales appointments in their diary.

Imagine if your window business became the first to respond to new enquiries?

If you’re missing just one opportunity per day, that’s 24 (80% of 30) lost sales monthly. This is one of the reasons AI’s a game changer for window businesses wanting a competitive advantage (at least for now).

Our Solution: The Competitive Edge You Need

Our system isn’t just about quick responses; it’s about ensuring you never miss a lead

  • Automated follow-ups and AI: Immediate contact, any time of the day.
  • EVERY Lead funneled and tracked: Every opportunity captured and nurtured.
  • Appointments booked on autopilot: More leads, more sales, less effort.

If this sounds interesting, we can install our AI booking and algorithm software that finds people who want new windows in your area (takes approx. 7 days), you’ll start getting exclusive quote ready appointments in usually less than 24 hrs.

If you’ve enough leads, but want to get more sales without spending more on marketing, plus deliver faster and better customer service, AND save hours chasing people.

We’ve got you covered. Book a quick demo and we’ll show you how our AI driven system will save your window business 100’s of hours and help you close more deals.

Book a demo here


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