September 5


Your Competitors are Stealing Your Leads!

By Jamie Matthewman

September 5, 2023


In this fiercely competitive market, offering a good service isn’t enough. You’ve got to get seen, get known, and get clients. But how do successful businesses consistently stay ahead? Let’s dive deep into the nitty-gritty of successful lead generation in home improvement.

Understanding the Modern Customer

Shift in Customer Behaviour

Ever wondered why your neighbour’s kid won’t look up from their phone? Today’s consumers, whether they’re tech-savvy teens or tech-adapting grandparents, heavily rely on digital platforms. From searching for the latest wall paint trends to finding the best local plumber, the internet has answers.

Customer Expectations in the Digital Age

Remember when word-of-mouth was the best advertisement? Well, it still is, but it’s now online and called ‘reviews’ (if you need to improve your online reviews – we can help!) Plus, with the surge of mobile users, if your website doesn’t load in a jiffy, potential leads will bounce faster than a kid on a trampoline. Oh, and they expect to ‘chat’ with you, be it through chatbots or social media DMs.

Key Strategies Adopted by Successful Businesses

Optimised Online Presence

There’s no two ways about it; your website is your digital storefront. Successful businesses swear by a user-friendly, SEO-optimised, and mobile-responsive website. Take Roofriendly for instance. They realised the power of digital and gave their old website a facelift, now capturing leads like bees to honey.

Leveraging Social Media Platforms

Your potential clients are likely scrolling through Facebook or Instagram right now. So why not catch their eye there? Smart Spray did just that. Through consistent, engaging posts and attention-grabbing ads, they increased their online engagement tenfold, driving more leads to their door.

Investing in Paid Advertising

Want to reach someone interested in ‘bathroom renovations’? Platforms like Google Ads and Facebook Ads let you target them precisely. Investing wisely here can have potential clients ringing you in no time.

Collaborative Local Events & Partnerships

Community is everything. Partnering up for local events or webinars not only positions you as an authority but is also a brilliant avenue for successful lead generation in home improvement. Remember when Viewscape Construction teamed up with a local interior designer for a workshop? The turnout was massive, and the leads? Even more impressive.

Embracing Technological Advancements

Adopting CRM Systems and Automation Tools

Time to let technology do the heavy lifting. A good CRM system, like the one offered by Home Improvement Pro’s, ensures no lead falls through the cracks. From capturing leads to sending them timely follow-ups, automation is the way to go.

Utilising AR & VR for Engaging Demonstrations

Imagine letting your potential clients ‘walk’ through their new kitchen, even before they’ve said ‘yes’. AR and VR tools are revolutionising how businesses offer demos, making lead conversion a tad easier and a lot more fun.


To wrap it up, successful lead generation in home improvement isn’t rocket science. It’s about understanding the modern customer, leveraging the right strategies, and not shying away from new tech. So, ready to roll up those sleeves and give your lead generation the boost it deserves? Book in a for a free demo and we’ll show you how…

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