August 11


Unleash These 10 Secrets to Generate High-Quality Home Improvement Leads Like a Pro!

By Jamie Matthewman

August 11, 2023


In the fast-paced digital age, there’s one factor that distinguishes top home improvement businesses from the rest: their understanding and implementation of lead generation. As the marketplace becomes increasingly saturated, finding your unique space requires more than just traditional methods. Let’s delve deeper into the role of digital lead generation in the home improvement sector and how businesses are leveraging it.

Understanding the Home Improvement Market in the UK

Engaging the 40+ Homeowner Demographic

The most important demographic for UK home improvement businesses is obviously 40+ homeowners. This group, tend to be more cash rich and beyond looking for simple repair and fixes, often seek new windows, home renovations and extensions. Now we’ll discuss how you connect and showcase your business with this critical demographic.

The Digital Toolbox: A Deep Dive into Lead Generation Strategies

Leveraging the Power of Digital Platforms

Todays digital landscape offers a number of platforms and tools that offering their unique ways to attract and target 40+ homeowners. Lets look at the options…

Local SEO & Google My Business: The Powerhouses of Local Outreach

Being the top result in local searches is akin to having a bustling store in a city’s prime location. It ensures that your business is likely to be the first port of call for those seeking home improvement services nearby.

Roofriendly one of our window installer clients, serves as a testament to the potential of Local SEO. After optimizing their online presence, they continue experienced a significant influx of local inquiries for key services and products.

Meanwhile, Google My Business (GMB) is your digital business card. It’s more than just a listing; it’s an opportunity to showcase your work, garner reviews, and engage potential clients.

Facebook and Instagram: Tapping into the Social Network Goldmine

Depending on the services you offer, due to the visual nature of home improvements, Facebook’s is going to be your most powerful allie in targeting homeowners in your local area, but only of course if you know how to use it (we’ve made that easy by the way and you can try for free!)!

Viewscape Construction’s experience with Facebook ads demonstrates the potential. They’ve achieved a 36x ROAS since working with us. That’s £36 return on every £1 invested. By targeting ads based on user interests, demographics, and location, we’ve achieved exceptions engagement levels and a consistent supply of confirmed bookings in their diary on autopilot.

Instagram, owned by Facebook is perfect for showcasing past projects, sharing client testimonials, and even giving behind-the-scenes glimpses. When used strategically, it can position a brand as both trustworthy and aspirational.

Expert Advice: Future-Proofing Your Home Improvement Business

Navigating the Digital Landscape

Streamline Your Online Presence: An accurate and updated Google My Business profile, consistent NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) across directories, and a responsive website are foundational.

Engage on Social Media: Beyond just posting photos, engage with your audience through Q&A sessions, live videos, and timely responses to inquiries.

Monitor and Adapt: Digital marketing is not a ‘set and forget’ strategy. Regularly monitor metrics, understand what’s working, and be ready to pivot when necessary.

If you want to get fast results then you’ll need to invest in advertising, but attempting to do this on your own without any experience will waste your time and money. We can help you with this you want some help? Book in a call.


The digital realm, with its myriad of tools and platforms, offers unprecedented opportunities for home improvement businesses who want to grow fast. By understanding and effectively leveraging these tools, businesses can not only meet but exceed their growth expectations in today’s competitive marketplace. Book in a demo if you’d like to know how we can help you leverage digital marketing to its full potential for your home improvement business.

This more detailed version delves deeper into the importance of each strategy, providing context, examples, and actionable insights.

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