August 23


Unlock the Secret: How to Drive More Home Improvement Leads in Days!

By Jamie Matthewman

August 23, 2023


To truly shine in the ever-changing world of home transformations, differentiation is crucial. To drive more home improvement leads, you must master contemporary techniques. At Home Improvement Pro’s, we’ve transformed businesses, from Smart Spray in Marbella to Roofriendly in Lincolnshire, by implementing exceptional strategies to capture those essential leads. Curious about these innovative tactics? Let’s explore!

User-Generated Content: A Goldmine to Drive More Home Improvement Leads

Remember how you acted on a friend’s book suggestion? That’s because genuine experiences resonate. This insight is equally potent in the quest to drive more home improvement leads.

Real-life Magic of Transformations

Encourage clients to share their transformation photos and heartfelt video testimonials. Smart Spray, with their unique waterproof wall coatings, experienced a massive uptick in inquiries once they began displaying their client transformation stories. Authentic people, tangible results – this approach is golden to drive more leads!

Collaborative Local Events: Community First!

Local collaborations aren’t just community-friendly; they’re potent ways to drive more home improvement leads. Exhibit at local shows, there’s usually a ton of these in the summer, attracting local homeowners giving you the chance to present your company.

Reward, Engage, Repeat

Craft engaging games, challenges, or loyalty programs. With Home Improvement Pro’s, we’ve launched referral initiatives that skyrocket engagement and significantly amplify leads, all while streamlining operations for efficiency.

The Future is AR: A New Frontier to Drive Home Improvement Leads

Augmented Reality isn’t just a gamer’s paradise. It’s revolutionising home improvement. Offering AR-based home renovations can pique interest like never before. Showing a potential client what new windows and doors or a new roof will looking like before they have to spend a penny is a great sales and marketing tool!


In the ever-evolving marketing realm, especially in the home improvement niche, strategies to drive more home improvement leads are perpetually advancing. Stay adaptable, be innovative, and ensure your brand remains in the limelight. Remember, with Home Improvement Pro’s 30-day free trial, you can experiment with modern tools to drive leads without any commitment!

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