increase sales, streamline operations and create exceptional customer experiences

Discover the smart way to make sure your home improvement beats the competition in all ways with less effort

Save time, money & keep customers happy

Prioritising an exceptional customer experience and making sure new enquiries never slip through the net can be labour intensive.

It can take you away from time on the job or with family or cost you in labour. But with the Home Improvement Pros systems implemented in your business, new and existing customers get the quick responses and answers they need, whilst you get more confirmed appointments in your diary with less effort.

Meet new customer expectations

Consistently impress your customers with experiences they have come to expect in other industries. Instant replies, confirmation of sales and installation appointments and reminders, quick and instant replies to queries via AI.

Get to the top of the review rankings

Watch your reviews skyrocket and with our automated smart review system that makes it easy to turn happy and satisfied customers into new reviews and referrals.

Learn & improve with every job

Follow up every job with a thank-you and feedback survey, to identify strong team members and apply learnings to future jobs.

be the early bird & catch the worm

hubspot study found that the odds of getting hold of new leads if called within 5 minutes versus 30 minutes drops 100 times! 

If you've had enquiries either by phone, email or text, that are either uncontactable or have already found a solution by the time you get hold of them. It's likely this is the reason. 

Whilst it sounds keen contacting enquiries within the same minute they arrive leads, to a 391% increase in sales conversions! Bottom line the key to maximising sales is act fast or lose. We can help you with this...

Be first to the punch !

Home Improvement Pros intelligent dialler, automatically calls you to confirm a new lead and then connects you to new enquiry as soon as a lead comes in via our app.

This gives your business a greater chance of booking a meeting and therefore making a sale. Wondering how much this might increase your sales by? Checkout our revenue calculator below...

93% of businesses aren't nurturing new enquiries

Most small businesses don't have a meaningful enquiry nurture system in place to handle new enquiries immediately. 47% take over 24 hrs to respond. How long does it take your business to respond to new leads?


Respond within one hour


Respond in 1 to 24 hours


over 24 hours to respond


never responded at all

our software integrates with leading apps

Increase Sales Without Spending More On Marketing

Research also shows, when you don't get to speak to new enquiries straight away, calling 6 times is required to get the highest response. However if you're doing the selling, chasing leads, sorting out quotes, admin and all the other tasks that go with running a growing home improvement business it's likely opportunities are slipping through the net.

We can't do the calling for you, but we do have AI in your corner following up via text and email up to 5 times alongside your proactive sales calling. This nurtures new enquiries and means less get lost to your competitors! 


free 30 day trial.

no credit card required.

 get more sales with less effort 

Business 2 Community revealed that companies that use marketing automation have a 451% increase in qualified leads.  

Our lead handling system uses a powerful combination of instant calling (if you want it), email and SMS automations that get the highest return on your marketing budget and can in many cases will double your contact rate with potential new customers making you more money.

Calculate sales increase with our system

With lead nurturing, AI and automated systems in place booking appointments on autopilot fewer sales opportunities slip through the net. Wondering what this might look like for your business? If so enter the requested details and start by increasing contact rate by 10%. 

Additional Revenue with Home Improvement Pros: