close more deals & streamline your business with less effort

Save time & make more sales with the only software you'll EVER need to impress your customers for life

Pro tools to take businesses success to the next level

If you're looking to dominate your market, Home Improvement Pro's is an all in one sales and marketing platform, that lets you seamlessly create exceptional customer experiences and increase sales, whilst doing less. We guarantee it will put more money in your bank and bigger smiles on your clients faces...with less of your time and money.

Our desktop platform and phone app makes it simple to automates the important money making activities, from sending quotes, confirming installation dates, sending invoices to getting new Google reviews allowing you to unlock the full potential of your business, whilst giving you more time to focus on delivering winning services. Whether you're looking to improve your conversion rates, get better organised, grow your customer base or simply make running your home improvement business easier we can help.

Send Quote & Invoices Quickly 

Send quotes, invoices and get paid by the appor via text with no hidden fees.


Automate Key Processes 

AI is revolutionising every industry including yours, we've integrated AI to handle customer queries and book new appointments in your diary whilst you run your business!


Reviews & Referrals On Autopilot

Our smart review and referral systems gets free business and reviews on autopilot

Get New Leads Everday

Proven Facebook ads for your business in just a few clicks (no experience required!)


Never Miss A Sale

Automated replies to new enquiries and instant calls to our app connecting you with new leads means new potential customer don't get lost to your competitors.

SMS & Email From The App

Fast, professional, automated replies to potential new customers so they don't go elsewhere! You'll see every new enquiry on your phone the second it arrives!


increase sales without spending more on marketing

Prioritising an exceptional customer experience and making sure new enquiries never slip through the net can be labour intensive.

It can take you away from time on the job or with family or cost you in labour. But with the Home Improvement Pros systems implemented in your business, new and existing customers get the quick responses and answers they need, whilst you get more confirmed appointments in your diary with less effort.

Meet new customer expectations

Consistently impress your customers with experiences they have come to expect in other industries. Instant replies, confirmation of sales and installation appointments and reminders, quick and instant replies to queries via AI.

Get to the top of the review rankings

Watch your reviews skyrocket and with our automated smart review system that makes it easy to turn happy and satisfied customers into new reviews and referrals.

Learn & improve with every job

Follow up every job with a thank-you and feedback survey, to identify strong team members and apply learnings to future jobs.

be the early bird & catch the worm

hubspot study found that the odds of getting hold of new leads if called within 5 minutes versus 30 minutes drops 100 times! 

If you've had enquiries either by phone, email or text, that are either uncontactable or have already found a solution by the time you get hold of them. It's likely this is the reason. 

Whilst it sounds keen contacting enquiries within the same minute they arrive leads, to a 391% increase in sales conversions! Bottom line the key to maximising sales is act fast or lose. We can help you with this...

Be first to the punch !

Home Improvement Pros intelligent dialler, automatically calls you to confirm a new lead and then connects you to new enquiry as soon as a lead comes in via our app.

This gives your business a greater chance of booking a meeting and therefore making a sale. Wondering how much this might increase your sales by? Checkout our revenue calculator below...

93% of businesses aren't nurturing new enquiries

Most small businesses don't have a meaningful enquiry nurture system in place to handle new enquiries immediately. 47% take over 24 hrs to respond. 


Respond within one hour


Respond in 1 to 24 hours


over 24 hours to respond


never responded at all

are you calling new leads at least 6 times?

Research shows many companies give up too soon, calling 6 times is proven to get the highest response. However if you're doing the selling, chasing leads, sorting out quotes, admin and all the other tasks that go with running a growing home improvement business, it's likely opportunities are slipping through the net.

Now you don't need to because we have a 24/7 AI sales bot in your corner, following up via text and email up to 5 times alongside your proactive sales calling. This nurtures new enquiries and means less get lost to your competitors! 


 get more sales with less effort 

Business 2 Community revealed that companies that use marketing automation have a 451% increase in qualified leads.  

Our lead handling system uses a powerful combination of instant calling (if you want it), email and SMS automations that get the highest return on your marketing budget and can in many cases will double your contact rate with potential new customers making you more money.

Calculate sales increase with our system

With lead nurturing, AI and automated systems in place booking appointments on autopilot fewer sales opportunities slip through the net. Wondering what this might look like for your business? If so enter the requested details and start by increasing contact rate by 10%. 

Additional Revenue with Home Improvement Pros:

easy to use platform to dominate your market 

the tools for efficient, streamlined growth 

Generate more qualified leads, track important customer interactions, maximise sales opportunities, create satisfied customers, get more reviews and have complete visibility into the profitability of your business.

  • automated LEAD generation
  • automated relationship nurturing 
  • automated confirmed bookings 

Sales, marketing & key operational metrics 

Keep track of every important number from leads, to closes, to sales with a ton of reporting tools that keeps your finger on the button & attention on what matters!

  • Facebook & google leads & spend
  • appointments & conversion rates 
  • google & facebook ratings 

ai nurtures leads & books appointments

We program our AI to fully understand your business, qualify leads and book appointments. It handles objections, recommends solutions, works when you're busy, short staffed, tired, closed or when you miss a call.

  • no wasting time chasing leads
  • no lost sales to competitors 
  • less stress less effort more efficient

Never lose track of a customer or sale again!

Every conversation across every platform in one place. Facebook messenger, text, whatsapp, email, instagram, Google message. Our app and CRM tracks every interaction so you never miss a call, meeting or sales opportunity again!

  • all chats in one place
  • Every communication recorded
  • simple appointment booking 

AI content creation

Get AI assistance for a fraction of a penny to help you and your teams easily create quality content in seconds. 

  • Emails & newsletters
  • social media posts
  • blog posts & articles

facebook ads with no agency fees

Say goodby to the complexities of running Facebook ads or paying high agency fees. Generate new leads and let AI turn them into confirmed appointments in a few clicks.

  • proven, tested ads in a few clicks
  • never touch facebook 
  • you decide the ad budget

skyrocket your reviews on autopilot 

Fully automated smart review process will get your business to the top of the Google review ladder effortlessly...

  • eliminate 'bad' reviews 
  • facebook & Google
  • The smart way to get reviews

home improvement pro's growth university

Home Improvement Pros University teaches you the tricks of the trade to dominate, stand out and make beating the competition childs play.

  • sales, marketing and mindset
  • master the tools for growth
  • Skyrocket growth with less effort



Roofriendly Ltd

Jamie really understood our business and what we wanted to achieve. Since he has been managing our social media and website the company awareness and sales from this have gone up well beyond our expectations. I would highly recommend them to anyone wanting to improve this side of their business.


iDream Group

Jamie is great to work with, he took time to understand our needs and then built our website and funnel to perfection...we would have no hesitation in using Jamie and his company for our future projects and would highly recommend him.


Viewscape Construction

We have 1 converting a stable block to a 1 bed bungalow £120k, a refurb £52k starting 3rd July / then we signed up last night a refurb for £42k startin Aug / then fingers really crossed a £143k a refurb and extension starting in Sept and that will end 22nd Dec.


How do I get started?

Book in a demo via the any of the buttons on the website


Do I need a credit card?

No credit card is required however a credit card is required to cover the cost of texts and emails you send, which unless we agree to run a reactivation campaign, will be less than £10 for the 30 days.